Sen. Mary Ware‘s News from Topeka, March 13, 2019: Bills, Bills, Bills

Dear friend,

No doubt about it, things are moving slowly in Topeka.

Unfortunately, the current Republican Senate Leadership doesn’t seem interested in tackling the big problems facing Kansas like fully funding our schools, keeping our state on a sustainable fiscal path, or improving healthcare statewide with Medicaid Expansion.

Because they hold all the control in our chamber, these discussions aren’t moving forward. So while we wait and press for change, I want to talk to you about some of the bills I’m proud to have sponsored since I came here to work for you.

There’s still a lot of time to get some big stuff done, and for my part, I’m going to continue to press for movement and positive results for Wichita in every way I can.

As always, hope to talk again soon.


SB5 - Enacting the Kansas reinvestment act.

I was proud to partner with my fellow Wichita Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau in sponsoring SB5, which will help spur economic development in disadvantaged communities in Kansas. I believe strongly in helping create an environment where investment can thrive.

SB43 - Elections; registration; election day registration.

I believe strongly in making voting easier, more secure, and as accessible as possible. I’m proud to sponsor SB43, which does all of those things, including making Election Day registration a reality.

SB51 - Governmental ethics: two-year restriction on lobbying by former elected and appointed state officials.

Keeping the trust of the people in Kansas is so important. That’s why I joined my colleagues in sponsoring SB51, a bill to help curb the influence of lobbyists and special interests in our Statehouse.

SB52 - Due process for terminating teachers' contracts.

Our public school teachers dedicate their lives to educating our kids, and I think it’s important to attract the very best and brightest teachers possible to continue that legacy. I sponsored SB52 because our teachers deserve the due process rights they negotiated for, and this bill restores them.

SB53 - Designating the official red and white wine grapes of Kansas.

As a businesswoman myself, I celebrate our Kansas winemakers and I want to see them do well. Joining a bipartisan group of senators, I was proud to sponsor SB53, establishing Chambourcin and Vignoles as our official state red wine grape and white wine grape varieties.

SB84 - Amending the Kansas act against discrimination to include sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

Persistence of discrimination hurts Kansas economically and morally. I was proud to join a large, bipartisan group of senators who sponsored SB84, an act that amends the Kansas act against discrimination and adds sexual orientation, gender identity and expression to the statute. This is a no-brainer.

SB141 - Increasing the minimum wage.

Our Kansas and federal minimum wages have been stagnant for too long. As a businesswoman in Wichita, I was pleased to sponsor SB141, which gradually increases the minimum wage through 2025, and then ties the rate to inflation.

SB146 - Allowing injured workers who receive social security to keep the full amount of their workers compensation benefits.

I am strongly pro-Kansas worker. That’s why SB146 is so crucial. It allows injured workers who receive Social Security to keep the full amount of their workers compensation benefits as well.

SB150 - Enacting housing protections for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or stalking.

Human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual assault plague too many Kansans. SB150 is a good step forward. I join my fellow senators who hope this bill will soon be approved and enacts housing protections for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or stalking. We can do better.

SB180 - Enacting the Kansas Buy American Act.

Kansas workers make some of the best products in the country. That’s why I sponsored SB180, the Kansas Buy American Act. It instructs Kansas agencies to purchase Kansas-made products whenever possible.

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