Meet Mary Ware

Hello Friends and Neighbors, I am Senator Mary Ware . As a lifelong Wichitan, I am committed to pragmatic policies that strengthen this community of ours - the largest city in Kansas.

It is my great honor to represent District 25 in the Kansas Senate. With a swath of Wichita from Mount Vernon and Hillside over to Orchard Park, and up through Riverside and Benjamin Hills, our district is one of the most diverse in the entire state. My childhood home was in District 25 on East Harry. It was in this neighborhood that as a young girl that I joined my father, Ed Ware, a life-long precinct committeeman, as he knocked doors in support of a full range of local and national Democratic candidates. An I-135 onramp now curves through where that house once stood, one of the many symbols of change our district has seen since Dad and I once walked those streets and knocked on those doors.

One of my core beliefs is in the common bond of all people, and I stand in this office with the sole purpose of working for legislation that reflects the needs and addresses the concerns of each and every one of my fellow residents in this district. By sharing our varied stories, I believe that we can find the shared experiences that will allow us to create a full and safe future for our children and for all of the generations to follow.

My goal in serving as your Senator is to preserve the strengths of our neighborhoods and to carefully examine the new challenges as they are presented to us. Only by thinking, talking and working together can we craft the changes that will insure our continued dignity and prosperity.

For Wichita and for Kansas,

Sen. Mary Ware Kansas Senate, District 25